Grand Mikvah Room - This magnificent Mikvah, with its breathtaking design, features Jerusalem stone and highlights the three unique Mitzvos connected to women.

A Warm Welcome - This inviting and spacious lobby will lead you into an uplifting and transformative experience.

The Lounge & Study Room - Relax in peace of mind in a serene and pleasant atmosphere.

The Kallah Suite - This modern and beautifully designed preparation room will enhance a Kallah’s Mikvah experience, as she embarks on a beautiful beginning.

A Room in Paradise - Experience the bliss of a Mitzvah in a warm and relaxing environment.

Euphoria on Earth - Unwind in this delightful preparation room while experiencing the sanctity of a Mitzvah.

Uplifting Experience - Bask in the inspiration and joy of a unique Mitzvah in this charming preparation room.

Brooklyn is home to hundreds of thousands of Eastern European immigrants whose Jewish identities were unspeakably damaged by the Holocaust and the ruthless communist regime. For over 20 years, Chabad of Kensington has been caring for the spiritual and material needs of this community among the greater Brooklyn community.

We place special emphasis on the observance of Taharas Hamishpacha to ensure Jewish continuity in purity. Yet, as most Mikvaos in Brooklyn were built in an era when little consideration was given to comfort or discretion, it’s no surprise that many modern-day women find the experience unpleasant.

Too often their first visit is also their last. It is time to build a facility that is both beautiful to lifelong Shomrei Torah and enticing to the not-yet observant. The Ocean Parkway Mikvah will offer that magnificent, spalike experience that reflects the beauty and holiness of this Mitzvah and will attract women who might otherwise hesitate to observe it.

We have earned the support of Gedolei Hatorah, Askanim and our own community to build this magnificent Mikvah Taharah as part of a new 13,000 sq. ft. center of Torah living on Ocean Parkway & 18th Avenue. We invite you to partner with us to support generations of Jewish families and as an infinite Zechus for your own family.

Support & Letters

R. Chaim J Tauber, Bobover Dayan

R. Eliezer Eichler, AB"D Boyan

R’ Moshe Wolfson Signing the letter

R. Moshe Wolfson of Emunas Yisroel

R. Shulem Pesach Langsam, Belzer Dayan

R. Simcha B. Ehrenfeld of Matersdorf

R. Wasner, AB"D Machazei Avrohom

R. Yitzchok Stein, AB”D Karlsburg & Dayan of Paltishan

R. Yosef Ernster, AB"D Aleksander

R. Amrom Klein of Ungvar, R. Shulem P. Langsam, Belzer

R. Lipa Margulies, Rosh Yeshiva Torah Temimah

R. Rafael Goldstein, Skolyer Rebbe

R. Yecheskel Roth of Karlsburg

R. Gavriel Zinner, Nitei Gavriel, R. Rafael Goldstein, Skolyer Rebbe, R. Amrom Klein of Ungvar

R. Yirmy Katz, Rav Hamachshir R. Yoel Halevy Wassner, AB"D Beis Halevy, R. Yechiel M. Steinmetz, Skverer Dayan

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Grand Mikvah Room
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Mikvah Lobby and Reception
Mikvah – Preparation Room A
Mikvah – Preparation Room B
Mikvah – Preparation Room C
Mikvah – Preparation Room D
Mikvah – Preparation Room E
Mikvah – Preparation Room F
Mikvah – Preparation Room G
Mikvah – Preparation Room H
Mikvah – Preparation Room I
Mikvah – Treatment Room
Mezuzah at Mikvah Entrance
Mikvah Parking (7 cars)
Mikvah Kiyor – Ritual Handwashing Station

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