Central Brooklyn thrives with a vibrant Jewish community, experiencing growing demand for our diverse programs. We proudly support the evolving needs of Brooklinites, both spiritually and physically .Despite the challenges posed by Covid-19, we responded with innovative programming, fostering warmth, support, and a strong sense of community. To continue our modern approach and effectively serve our communities, we seek a new home.
Be a Partner in a Better Brooklyn!

Shuly Amsel

CEO of Shuly Wigs

“Chabad means a lot to me. I have learned many things and absorbed much wisdom from just being a part of the community.”

Menachem Husarsky

Vice President,
M&S Asset Holdings

“Chabad Central Brooklyn has given me a sense of community and a deep sense of purpose.”

Jacob Siegel

Senior Editor,
The Tablet Magazine

“Rabbi Levin and Chabad has made my life better. Made me a better and happier person, and most importantly made me closer to Hashem! Major major major change in my life.”

Daniel Peleg

“I was never involved with Chabad, and when my father died suddenly, Rabbi Levin and the Chabad community were amazing. They helped me with whatever I needed. I was immediately accepted and made to feel welcome. In this community, we are all on the same team. When I was evicted from my house, another apartment was immediately found for me. Chabad has always been extremely understanding.”

Michelle Ayzenberg

Financial Director,
Strategema Technologies

“My whole outlook on life has changed into seeing life filled with light and joy, as I learn about Hashem’s love. ”

Dr. Mark & Janet Lew

“We feel a joyful obligation to give to Chabad, but particularly to the work of Rabbi and Rebitzen Levin who embody the all exclusive and personal outreach that we fell in love with.
The challenges of a diverse community are clearly met by this extraordinary Rabbi and entire family.
G-d willing, we will partner with them to the extent that G-d will allow.”



The Rebbe approves property at 605 Ocean Parkway for his Kensington branch, appoints Rabbi Moshe Chaim and Doba Levin and family as his emissaries.


After tough years, we closed on the property, celebrated with a grand opening


Completion and celebration of our first Sefer Torah


 Camp Gan Israel begins


Rabbi Yehuda and Chana Levin join the team


Plans drawn for renovation and remodel


 Construction begins


Mikvah Poured


Innovative programming introduced forever changing our approach to outreach.


Construction project expands to a seven-story, 30,000 sq ft. project

Our New Building


The Babenko family has been a part of the Chabad in the Kensington neighborhood for the last 20 years. Their entire family has become involved in ways they couldn’t have imagined. Now as president of the Chabad Community Center building committee, Eugene is delighted to be making great progress towards completing the unique and inspirational center that will have a profound impact on countless lives of every age and background, not just in all of Brooklyn, but broader across NYC and beyond!

The Ayzenbergs are a baal teshuva family thanks to the Chabad of Central Brooklyn. Steve runs a supply chain technology firm and Michelle, a former VP in the banking sector is in the personal wellness space. They recognize the infinite value and safety of the beautiful life and community they are now a part of and are deeply committed to amplifying the message through every act in their daily lives, but specifically with the construction of this landmark center. Having been raised in Brooklyn, they know the challenges facing the family unit, children, young adults and communities at large and fervently believe that the new JCC and its services are needed here more than anywhere else.

The Husarskys have grown up in Central Brooklyn their entire lives. Both Menachem and Malka went to Orthodox yeshivas in the area growing up. With a renewed connection to Orthodox Judaism because of Chabad, Menachem and Malka have formed a strong connection within the Chabad community, They routinely help out with community programs and events, and Menachem has been very active at helping Chabad raise funds for the new JCC building and the current temporary community center. Menachem has been in the business world for 15+ years, and is very active currently in commercial real estate and 3D Printing.

The Koblovs are a recent addition to the community, having returned home to Brooklyn from the Silicon Valley, where they have helped build a Chabad community from scratch. Now out of their home in Kensington, Brooklyn, Nik and Liza are building two startups, Ramp and JelikaLite respectively and are passionate about revitalizing Jewish life in NYC post-COVID. They’ve raised their children with strong Jewish roots, but are dissatisfied with the neighborhood’s options for the youth and the lack of connecting social and business tissue in the neighborhood. They have committed their time and money to making a difference through building of the new JCC, and have opened their home to the weekly Tanya class.

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